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Picking a Chainsaw


Winter months will certainly be below quickly as well as in addition to winter season comes winter and also high home heating costs. Clearly there's absolutely nothing brand-new regarding any one of this however with the existing financial circumstance a great deal of individuals are mosting likely to be reducing their very own firewood for the very first time as well as they'll be acquiring a chainsaw like this one here and attended do it.


The initial chain saw I ever before had was an old, really made use of Artisan with an 18-inch bar. It had no chain brake, no resonance dampeners, no muffler or stimulate arrestor, and also a by hand run pump to oil the chain.


Chain saws have actually come a lengthy means in the last 40 years. Just how do you select the ideal chainsaw for you?

Larger is much better ...?

Do not buy a chainsaw based upon bar size as well as power alone. I count on buying the greatest saw you can securely regulate yet do not buy a large saw simply to stroke your vanity.

The saw I utilize most is a Stihl with a 24-inch bar. The longer bar includes added weight to the front as well as makes the saw harder to regulate when reducing. Expert top quality saws likewise make use of a lot more hostile chains that reduce quicker however make them a lot more vulnerable to kickback.

Little saws have some extremely genuine benefits. They set you back much less than specialist saws and also they're much lighter than complete dimension versions developed for either specialist or residence usage.


Something a lot of us males stop working to take into consideration is what will certainly occur if we are harmed and also can not reduce timber. Will our better half or older youngsters have the ability to suffice while we recuperate? This is a significant issue if you warm just with timber and also can not pay for to purchase it from a supplier.


My spouse's saw is a Homelite with a 16-inch bar. I have actually reduced even more than 100 cables of timber with it and also it's still functioning wonderful. Tiny saws are rather qualified of reducing a year's supply of firewood.



While it's real that you obtain what you pay for, also reduced valued saws often tend to last a lengthy time with mindful usage as well as upkeep. Expert saws are developed with far better products and also design, yet the distinction is not typically going to be an element for the property owner reducing his very own firewood.


Normal upkeep goes a lengthy method to maintain your saw fit for responsibility. Utilize a high top quality 2 cycle oil for the gas mix, as well as an excellent bar as well as chain oil to obtain the lengthiest life out of your bar and also chain.



A chain saw ought to fit you. What I suggest by fit is that it ought to fit to hold as well as deal with. Attempt various saws as well as you'll see what I suggest.


Lean over in a setting comparable to exactly how you'll stand when reducing timber. Does the saw equilibrium well or is also much of the weight ahead? Just how does the saw really feel with the bar in both upright and also straight settings?


You're mosting likely to be utilizing this point for hrs. Heft a great deal of various saws to ensure that you can discriminate in between an excellent and also negative fit.



This is a meaningless equipment with loads of razor sharp teeth competing around a lengthy steel bar within inches of your hands, feet, legs, and also in some cases, face. It does not care whether it's puncturing downed trees or flesh as well as bone. Can you manage it?


It's crucial that the saw fit you. Can you utilize the throttle trigger while preserving a great hold? When the saw cuts all the means with the arm or leg can you maintain the pointer from dropping to the ground?


Is the saw also hefty or the equilibrium factor up until now ahead that when you start your cut you go down the saw on the arm or leg since you do not have the toughness to hold it up? Is tiredness mosting likely to be an issue? Can you hold the saw with the electric motor before your body, or is it so hefty or are the manages thus far apart you must hold the electric motor alongside your side when reducing?


Is the chain also hostile or the saw so effective that you hesitate of it? Should you begin with a smaller sized saw up until you obtain extra experience?

Safety and security functions


While any type of chain saw is naturally hazardous, contemporary saws are much more secure than they were 40 years earlier. Give thanks to God those days are lengthy gone.

Chain brake


Saws with chain brakes have a bar before the ahead deal with to make sure that if kickback happens your hand will certainly strike the safety and security bar which uses a brake that quickly quits the chain from rotating. It's the best renovation ever before made to a chainsaw.


Kickback happens when the top front component of the chain is available in call with the timber you are reducing. Due to the fact that the chain is relocating a round instructions as it focuses on completion of bench, it imitates a rotating wheel (with sharp claws) to introduce the front of bench up and also back if it reaches the timber you are reducing.


This could take place if you are reducing up via an arm or leg and also the suggestion of bench get in touches with the timber as you start your cut or it can take place if you are lowering with an arm or leg that's sustained on both ends and also the arm or leg flexes as well as squeezes the top front component of the chain in the kerf.


The front of the bar will certainly be released up and also back with significant pressure and also speed. In serious situations it can disjoint your thumb on the hand that's holding the front bar. I have actually had chains tear the skin off my thumb and also when virtually shed an eye as well as ear from kickback.


To stop kickback, do not allow the pointer of bench and also chain call the timber you are reducing. Maintain the timber fixated bench and also do not attempt to reduce trees or arm or legs that are as well big for your saw.


Keep in mind: Some saws without chain brakes have a security bar in front of the manage. While this is practical, it is not a chain brake.

Chain as well as bar styles


Chain and also bar styles boost the efficiency of your saw and also can lower the possibilities of kickback. They call it the "Safe-T-Tip" and also it's a guard put over the end of the bar so that the chain can not make call with anything as it shouts around the end of the bar.


One design has actually elevated web links in between the reducing web links on the chain. These typically have a "tail" on the back end of the web link that increase when the chain goes around the pointer of the bar and also press the reducing side away from the timber.


The "skip-chain" is a relatively current development in chain layout. It does not protect against kickback yet it does enhance efficiency on some saws. It's utilized on saws that are somewhat underpowered for bench size as well as is discovered usually on mini-saws or on bigger saws with extensive bars.


A skip-chain has less reducing web links than a "normal" chain. A hostile chain, like those utilized on expert saws, have a reducing web link on every various other web link of the chain. A miss chain has a reducing web link on every 3rd web link.


The skip-chain is much less most likely to stall the saw when reducing bigger items of timber since there aren't as numerous reducing web links in get in touch with as there would certainly be with a routine chain. Since it has much less drag, the electric motor of the saw goes for a greater RPM. This offers the chain even more rate so it reduces much faster.


As you go uphill the electric motor reduces down and also sheds power. An avoid chain maintains your chain saw running in its most reliable power contour for faster cutting.


Huge specialist saws typically do not have skip-chains. They have sufficient muscular tissue to power their method via any type of tree easily.


The "deepness evaluates" (in some cases referred to as "deepness quits") on a chain are the upright steel tabs located simply in front of the reducing tooth. If they are submitted down as well much, the chain grabs as well as jerks the saw as you reduced. If the deepness quits are also high the chain will not reduce well.

Resonance dampers


Early saws had actually steel manages bolted straight to the electric motor. After a couple of hr's usage your hands typically ended up being numb from the resonance as well as iced up from the cool if it was winter season. Someone idea of connecting the manages with springtimes or rubber insulators to assist wet resonance from the electric motor as well as chain.


Resonance dampening is the 2nd best technology on modern-day saws after chain brakes. Resonance dampers not just make chain saws much more comfy to utilize, they make them much safer.


It's truly hard to maintain control of a chain saw when your hands are numb from resonance. Resonance control is even more than a security concern. You'll have the ability to invest even more time reducing if your saw fits to make use of.

Oil pumps


I just state hand-operated pumps for chain oiling right here in situation you face an older saw as well as intend on acquiring it. I have not seen a hand-operated chain oil pump in years and also I do not miss them. They function well when made use of, yet it was not uncommon at that time to see a great deal of bars with blue areas on the brink from overheated chains.


Saws today have automated oilers as well as a lot of feature fairly well. Some of the much better saws have methods to readjust them, yet all of them I have actually utilized functioned well simply as they came from the manufacturing facility.


The means I examine the automated chain oiler is to aim the suggestion of bench at the tree or log I'm reducing (maintain the chain 2 or 3 inches away), and also race the engine a number of times. You need to see a "line" of oil spray from the chain on the log.


Usage industrial bar oil, not made use of electric motor oil. Bar oil is available in various weights for winter season or summer time usage. Adhere to the supplier's suggested oil weight (thickness) for your saw.



In the previous year I have actually seen brand-new gas powered chain saws on sale for $89.99. No matter of the cost, a lot of chain saws will certainly last for years with appropriate treatment and also upkeep.


Currently, if you have great deals of loan, there are some really excellent quality (as well as pricey) saws in tiny dimensions. If you prepare on purchasing a larger saw later on and also simply maintain the tiny one for an extra, after that you could desire to begin with a reduced valued saw.


Whatever saw you select, make certain that the saw fits you well, with a power/size array that you fit with, which you can run securely. Go reduce some timber.